Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Not To Do

I have no great love for Glenn Beck, his message or his methods. But when I see a writer who should know better use ad hominem, a classical logical fallacy my 18-year-old students know to avoid, to attack him and offend anyone who has been in or benefited from a 12-step program, I'm a little incensed.

By the academic powers vested in me, fail Washington Post columnist. Fail.

I just read that this particular columnist tends conservative. That changes nothing except make me still more grateful I'm a morally-conservative, politically-moderate, socially-liberal individual. I defy you all.


  1. You should write a letter too! It was fun. I have started a mini revolution against bad journalism.

  2. I have just one question. What does a socially liberal individual advocate? Are moral values and social issues related? (Just tweeking you)


  3. Adam, I just heard a totally different perspective yesterday about this very same event from my dear friend Kathy. Her son actually attended this event. It was all about preserving our freedom of religion. There were ministers of all faiths there, as well as many other well meaning citizens. Martin Luther King's wife was there. The next day on the radio Glenn related this story about her. She was nervous about going on stage and asked him to pray with her. After she asked if she could have a bullet proof vest like his, but then decided she wouldn't need one. Glenn's program has changed significantly lately. I used to feel like most of it was three guys sitting around talking and being silly. But now he is teaching the gospel almost every day. This Washing Post editors comments were childish and demeaning not only to Glenn Beck but to every other recovering or recovered addict. Love, Mom

  4. Answer Dad's question please. Thanks!