Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a Date: Live in the Moment

Today's dating tip is almost a direct quote from Sister Oaks. The idea Courage Wolf, in all his ferocity, wants to impress on you is that you don't want to pin your happiness on some event on the horizon, but to enjoy life taking advantage of today's dating opportunities. A bunch of tomorrows lead to empty yesterdays.

Sister Oaks: "Many of you are in singles wards. [...] in this environment of possible future mates and with only a short window of time, some singles focus almost all their energy in a frenetic search for a husband or wife. Instead of enjoying this unique time to meet others in a similar single situation, they become preoccupied with a nagging fear that marriage is escaping them. They become frustrated with their single condition."

President Uchtdorf addresses this very concern: "[...] do not wait for someone else to make your life complete. [...] Instead, seek to reach your potential as a child of God."

In short, carpe diem. What you do with the "diem" once you've "carpe-d" it is up to you.


  1. Good point, but you also have to be careful not to use the above information as an excuse not to date.

  2. Dear DC 2nd,

    That is one of the warrants of my argument. I'm assuming that if the reader is browsing dating tips on my blog, he already wants to date.


  3. My entries are directed toward single LDS guys. (And if you really want to know, this is all a big exercise in self-motivation.) But if the women want to browse, feel free. The comments will often apply to both sexes.