Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a Date: Up to Bat

Today is Friday and that means it's date night. Working up the courage to ask someone out (which should be done at least 48 hours in advance) can be difficult and daunting. So here's an inspiring poster, brought to you by Courage Wolf, to all single men everywhere:
(Actual results may vary)


  1. Ooo, is this going to become a regular series. That would be awesome.

    Counter-tip: the best days for asking out are Tuesday and Wednesday. Asking out on a Tuesday shows that you're planning ahead and excited to take out that particular girl. Wednesday is just a good round day, an invitation on this day could mean anything. Asking out on Thursday indicates to the girl that she may not be your first choice or you haven't really thought a lot about or gotten too excited for the date. Asking out the day or night of is probably not the best idea, although a girl without plans may be up for getting out and doing something fun.

  2. Mel-Yes, I do intend to make this a regular series. This particular one, though delviered by Courage Wolf, was inspired by President Uchtdorf.

    And gentlemen, yes, please ask in advance. I always try to ask 2-7 days ahead of time. My roomate Carl calls it the 48-hour rule.

  3. Loved the post - hilarious! :)

    Hope you found a fun date and had a great time! If not, there is always another Friday!