Friday, November 5, 2010

Election Day

Because of the recent election and a few recent conversations I've had with family members, I decided to clearly state my opinions on matters of politics. The websites of those running for office inspired my format here. While I may seem to declare my opinion with certainty here, on some of these issues I'm still trying to weigh and consider:

Abortion: Legal only in cases of rape, incest, when the life of the woman is threatened, or when the baby has severe defects that would make its survival outside the womb impossible. I understand that any system like this rests on the honesty of the woman seeking the abortion and is near impossible to enforce, but it's the only policy that reflects my personal views.

Affirmative Action: No, but in education some additional consideration to first-generation college applicants, regardless of race.

Capital Punishment: No


Economy: No more government bailouts—-in my opinion, they are ineffective in bringing an end to the recession, not to mention costly.

Education: Steer away from standardized tests; instead, increase teacher’s salaries to make the job more competitive, attracting young professionals to this ailing market.

Environment: I support the expansion of public transportation, the reduction of industrial pollutants, the pursuit of cleaner forms of energy, and the preservation of American wildernesses.

Gun policy: Keep guns legal, but regulated.

Immigration: I imagine a system of fewer restriction, one not based on quota by foreign country. We should set illegal immigrants already living in the United States, especially those with dependents, on a path to citizenship.

Health Care: Universal health care run by local or individual state governments.

Iraq War: I'm saddened that we invaded because of faulty intelligence and desire a swift return of government and military control to the Iraqis.

Marijuana: Maintain its illegality, but mete out lighter sentences for possession.

Prison: Refocus on rehabilitation, not punishment; lower recidivism rate, not maximum sentencing.

Space program: Renewed funding; eventual goal being a manned mission to Mars.

Taxes: An across-the-board taxation of income (take-home pay).

Torture: No

War in Afghanistan: I support it as a war to end Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and bring justice to the individuals and organization responsible for 9/11.


  1. I know you didn't ask, but my thoughts on the same points can be found below.

    Abortion - Never acceptable. The murder of innocent human life can not be excused due to even the most evil forms of conception. Transferring the unborn to an artificial surrogate is the best option in these extreme cases. Obviously, that technology does not currently exist. The complete illegalization of abortion would immediately spawn a race within private enterprise to develop this technology. In a situation where the mother is in danger, or where the fetus will not survive outside of the womb I would advocate that doctors kill the child only when no other options are available.

    Capital Punishment - Should be expanded and occur immediately after the appeal process is exhausted. Execution of those guilty of the most heinous crimes may serve as a deterrent to others, but more importantly, is a necessary societal purge of evil.

    DADT - The military should be able to set their own rules. We have a volunteer military in this country. If you don't agree with what the military says, don't join the military. In the case of a draft, homosexuality should be treated as an absolute non-issue. No special treatment combined with severe punishment for any breach of military law.

    (I'll throw another hot button topic in here)
    Hate Crimes: No such thing. You either broke the law or you didn't. Your motivation for breaking the law is irrelevant. If you beat someone to death you should be convicted of murder. Beating them to death because they are (insert anything) has nothing to do with the law. You killed someone.

    Economy - Governments only role in the economy should be the excise of taxes. This is such a foreign idea at this point, that to most people it probably sounds nuts. The federal bank should be abolished. Taxes should be a percentage of your income. There should not be any taxes beyond a flat income tax. These statements invite a litany of questions and concerns. I can't address them all both because this is a comment on a blog post and because I don't pretend to have all the answers, but the government is bloated beyond belief and the country would benefit from some MAJOR pruning.

  2. Education - The federal government should have absolutely no role in education. Public education has nothing to do with governance. The "promote general welfare" argument is flawed. It doesn't say "provide general welfare".

    Environment - Set environmental laws and enforce them. STOP with all of this, "pay a fine and you can pollute", or "buy this guys pollution rights and we're cool". Global warming occuring as a result of man is scientifically impotent at best.

    Gun policy - If you want a gun you should be able to go out and buy one. If you commit a crime with that gun you should be tried for that crime. If you have previously committed a violent crime or are mentally unfit you should not be able to buy/posess a gun.

    Immigration - If you are in this country illegally you broke the law. You should be deported immediately. Sucks, but you broke the law. The process for entry to this country should be significantly streamlined and the fees should be significantly cut.

    Health Care - Doctors are already required to treat you in a life-threatening emergency. No one is dying because they don't have health insurance. They die for lots of other reasons, but that's not one of them. Paying for medical care should be the responsibilty of the patient. The governement should have no role here.

    Iraq war - When it was believed Iraq was a direct threat to this country I supported this war. As it became evident that was not the case I had to resolve my dislike for the war with believing we have a responsibilty to rebuild something we destroyed. It sucks. I don't like it. But once we're there, we have to finish the job.

    Marijuana - (shrugs) I guess I don't care either way. As long as it is illegal lawbreakers should be penalized.

    Prison - Opposite of Adam. Prison is not there to make you better. It is there to punish you for a crime committed. It is the punished responsibilty to rehabilitate themselves. Personal responsibilty. Every step of the way.

    Space program - Hellz yeah!

    Taxes - Flat income tax. Everyone pays the same percentage. You make $5. You pay x% of $5. You make $5,000,000,000,000,000. You pay x% of $5,000,000,000,000,000. Fair is fair. All other fees, permits, blah, blah, blah should be abolished.

    Torture - The greater good falls into play here. No innocent person should ever be tortured, but those guilty of planning, corroborating with, or aiding an attack of innocent masses can be tortured by those trying to protect those innocent masses. Terrible, but acceptable.

    War in Afghanistan - Similar to my views on Iraq. We're there. Let's stay until things are right.

    I know a lot of this is crazy controversial, but they're my views. I'm more than happy to explain or clarify anything here. I'm not perfect and neither are my opinions, but I have put a lot of thought in to these kinds of questions and can stand behind my views.

  3. Interesting. Agree with you on almost all of it.