Friday, November 6, 2009

I am Ninja

This Halloween I was a ninja-pirate, or, I should say, a ninja with pirate elements. Here are some of the crazy antics I had with my friends last weekend:
Arriving at the barn dance with Eve in traditional Japanese dress and my roommate Carl as a bucket list.

From right to left: Myles as a medieval peasant from the hit movie "A Knight's Tale," Heidi as Princess Fiona, me, and Merry as herself.

Nobody kicks the bucket on my watch!

Urban ninja!

Trick-or-treating on Embassy Row. This is the gang in front of the Cosmos Club with random Cosmos Club employee.

We went to a corn maze Halloween night. It was not frightening, so I didn't have to punch anyone this time.

After the corn maze, we went to my apartment, watched "Corpse Bride" and ate Halloween cake. It was so good it made Sarah cry.

Perhaps I should also mention that I did extensive research on the art of being ninja. Here's a small taste:


  1. What is the circumference of a moose? Ha ha.

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  3. Just want to state for the record, I do NOT, I repeat do N-O-T sport a red sun hat, american flag button downs, and floral capris on a daily basis as Adam's caption so liberally alludes to. I was dressed as a TACKY TOURIST for Halloween, for HALLOWEEN!!!