Friday, October 2, 2009

Bucket List

A friend recently posted on her blog 100 things she wanted to do before she dies. Coincidentally, I already had made one about a year ago and thought I'd drag it out and post it. Here are the highlights of my list; skipped numbers indicate something I've left out for privacy's sake while things crossed out indicate something completed but possibly needing repeating:

1) travel to Europe, South America, East Asia
2) get married in the temple
3) become a father
4) baptize my children
6) write a book
7) publish said book
8) learn to paint
9) complete a week-long hike
10) live in a wooded area
11) sail a boat
12) plant a garden
13) learn birdwatching
14) habitually have long talks with my siblings
16) laugh every day
17) baptize a friend or neighbor
18) white-water rafting
19) build a giant sandcastle
20) learn to make old-fashioned maps
22) live with friends
23) fulfill my ward callings
24) read scriptures, pray daily
25) learn bass guitar
26) get a Ph.D
27) inspire some students
29) learn assertiveness
31) read great literature
32) eat my own home-grown food
33) recycle
34) buy a hybrid car
35) live in a foreign country (preferably Brazil, New Zealand, or Portugal)
37) donate to charities
38) visit Africa
39) own a cat, name him Maxwell
40) raise cashmere goats
41) live in the country
42) own a library
43) ride my bike weekly
44) get to the point that I can ride my bike as long as I want without exhaustion
45) learn more languages
46) become a better cook
47) help build my own house
48) remodel an old house
49) live by a lake
50) live along the Pacific northwest
51) serve another mission
53) teach college
56) do more projects with my dad
57) attend hockey games
58) publish an essay
59) plan fun dates
64) take ancestors' names to the temple
65) visit my grandparents in Canada
66) put others before myself
67) see a Broadway show
68) play sports
71) design a floorplan
72) build furniture/bookshelves
74) learn east-coast swing dance
75) start/join a book club
77) frequent the temple
78) know God
82) go on a non-typical cruise
83) climb some serious mountains
84) help save wildlife
85) dress up every Halloween
87) 200 in bowling
88) find music I like again
89) store food
91) pay off student loans
92) pay a full tithe
93) donate to the Perpetual Education Fund
94) raise chickens
95) get a new wardrobe
96) 100% home teaching
99) witness children learn to walk/talk/read
101) see Christ

ED: items in italics are things I'm currently working on.


  1. nice work. I like the compromise on the privacy issue. It's hard for me not to want to go back and replace the ones that are accomplished with all the ones on your list that I thought, "Oh yeah! Me too!"

  2. some of my favorites:
    -live along the Pacific northwest (come, come!)
    -get a new wardrobe (funny, not sure why)
    -do more projects with my dad (I guess it took losing Ryan's dad to realize how precious these kind of things are)

  3. Very well done. Thanks for sharing. It inspires me to make my own list.

  4. wow. i just may be stealing this idea!! i think your soft spot for animals is great...the cashmere goats, raising chickens, and owning a cat named Maxwell. this is good stuff! :)