Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things That Go Bump In the Night, and Early in the Morning When I'm Trying to Sleep

Okay, so I think my apartment building is haunted.

First, there's the baby ghost, who cries any time day or night, just below us. I did see a woman from our building pushing a baby stroller this morning, but it was empty! Creepy, no?

Then there's the ex-rocker ghost one floor down and across from us. He plays his phantasmal drums at 8 a.m., making my morning reading of the book of Revelations even more rhythmic. Other times, he prefers the guitar.

And finally, there're the small shades of deceased squirrels living in our wall in the dining room. The scratching is incessant from noon until 4 p.m. This is a sound clip of my studying: type, type, type, scratch, scratch, type, type, scratch, scratch, scritch-scratch, whimper.

Either we're haunted or we have some very loud and interesting neighbors...and a rodent infestation.


  1. Love the picture! I think I have gigantic squirrels living in my roof. I'll hear scampering and scratching around the vents and then it will sound like a man is walking on the roof. I think those squirrels should lay off the nuts a little, or at least switch to a variety that's lower in fat.

  2. We hear phantom baby cries all the time. I think we're paranoid. I also hear my phone ringing a lot! It's mostly when I'm stressed out about work and I'm just sure that a customer is calling me with a problem. I'm considering switching my ring just so I don't have to hear that song planning in my head and on my phone.

    Good luck with the flying squirrels.