Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

So, I'm in my pajamas watching the inaugural festivities on television when I should actually be studying. I have an in-class presentation tomorrow but I feel strikingly unmotivated. It's hard to do any studying when half of D.C. is on holiday and the other half is treating their workday like an inaugural party. For example, last night my roommates and several other people I know spent the night sleeping in an office building. (I spent it in a sleeping bag on my bed because our heat doesn't work properly and I need more real blankets.)

Although I don't totally support Obama (sorry Amber), I don't not support him either (sorry Dad, Mom, and Jeremy). It'll just be very, very interesting to see what the next four years will bring. The most distressing thing I've heard is that he plans to almost immediately pass the FOCA. Plus, big federal government is also not the direction I want things to be heading. (But Bush and Cheney sort of went that direction too.) It seems like the more executive power you give one man, the more liable we are to experience corruption in government. Checks and balances, slower but less Caesar-prone. I can say that the most exciting thing is how many people support him and are talking about working with him. Individuals, average people are talking about how they can do their part in making the country better and that's exciting to me. Whatever happens, it's cool to live in the city where everything is taking place.

Oh, I have played more Settlers of Catan in the last three days than I ever thought I would or is possible. I guess nothing says Martin Luther King Jr. Day like, um, taking over an uninhabited island. Remember guys, mean people stink.

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  1. No worries Adam, I think on with you on my support. I'm not totally in favor of all of his policies, but I definantly don't think our world is coming to an end because he's the president now.

    I actually think it's very important that citizens of this nation start respecting their leaders more. It bugged me how much people would knock Bush and I feel the same way when I hear people talk badly about Obama. I think it's okay during elections, but once their elected people should support them (not necessarily their policies), pray for them, and try to do their part to make this nation better.